Generally steam accumulator installations improve plant performance, reduce fuel costs and minimize greenhouse gas emissions. This is an effective and easy way to meet the carbon footprint targets defined in government or private company policies.

  • Minimize boiler short cycling losses; combustion efficiency increase 5%
  • Enable downsizing boiler capacity; capital cost reductions
  • Maximize boiler load factor; emission reductions
  • Eliminate boiler carry-over; longer service life
  • Minimize or eliminate additional peak load capacity; fuel savings and capital cost reductions
  • Immediate response to sudden load change; enable biomass boiler operation
  • Stabilize steam pressure; more production and better quality
  • Eliminate atmospheric venting; fuel and water savings
  • Minimize dumping to condenser; fuel savings
  • Possible lifetime extension for old oversized boilers; capital cost reductions

Usual project payback time is as short as two or three years which makes the investment in a steam accumulator project profitable.