The 3rd Generation

The first sliding pressure steam accumulator was patented by McMahon in 1873. Steam accumulators were reinvented 100 years later in the Scandinavian pulp & paper industry. “Steam Age” application is still valid in the modern industry; boilers holdup volumes are getting smaller, oil price keeps rising, biomass boilers have longer response and emission reduction are a topic. The 3rd Generation steam accumulator was introduced in 1996 in Kirkniemi, Finland.

The 3rd Generation steam accumulator design features are:

  1. H-type steam rake and vertical mixing pipes (turn-down ratio 30:1, good steam distribution and smooth operation)
  2. Internal ”dry pan” demister (high volumetric efficiency and dry steam)
  3. Stress calculation with fatigue analysis required (modern design codes, extended NDT, mean pressure difference and number of cycles per lifetime)
  4. Optimized wall thickness and material strength (thermal sleeve, loose supports, welding details, PWHT and boiler water quality)
  5. Advanced controls (”active” or ”passive” accumulator, one display screen, fully automated description, single master pressure transmitter, smart level control)