The sizes of steam accumulators are categorized to overview different alternatives. The pressure vessel manufacturing itself extends typical steam accumulator project duration to nine or even fifteen months. Standard sizing selections with experienced project implementation could shorten the accumulator project turnaround by several months.

Maximal diameter with best volumetric efficiency >90%, nominal capacity 12 MWh, vaporized steam 15 tons

Nominal capacity 8 MWh, vaporized steam 10 tons

All benefits with lower investment, nominal capacity 4 MWh, vaporized steam 5 tons

Fast delivery, easy transport, extendable modules, nominal capacity 1,6 MWh, vaporized steam 2 tons

Hybrid Integrated cooling
Combined steam accumulator and dump condenser. Endless loading capacity with cooling section, continuous standby and smooth start for CW supply

Integrated heating
Steam accumulator with “Kettle”-type steam regeneration by biomass boiler or thermal oil section.